'Ori London

Tahitian dancE ('ori Tahiti) is about sharing a story, A Culture...

When I moved to London 4 years ago I wanted to dance, and I couldn't find the appropriate group to dance with... I then decided to make one! So that anyone in my situation, who wants to share authentic moments like if we were in Tahiti with a group of motivated ladies, can join and feel well surrounded!

Tahitian dance classes at 'Ori London are for all levels. It covers all the basics in both 'aparima (slow dance on songs) and ote'a (fast dance on percussions). After covering warming up and covering technical steps, we move on to a choreography alternating 'aparima and ote'a.

'Ori London aspires to be like a family... A family from Tahiti that most people from the fenua miss so much. Join our family and embrace our culture.

'Ori London offers 2 complementary types of classes.

How the studio keeps you safe: